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Biodegradable Eco-friendly Thermoplastics EcoPlas®

According to the 21st UNFCCC(United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Conference in Paris (December 2015), all countries in the world should pay for the emission of greenhouse gases without exception.

Korea also has a plan to reduce 37% greenhouse gas emission amount based on 2030 forecast. Biomass-based bio-plastics are needed to replace the petroleum-based plastics, which hardly degrades over 100 years.

Lignin is a non-food based biomass but comes from plants or woods. It is the second the most abundant organic material next to cellulose in the earth. In particular, a tremendous amount of lignin is produced as a waster (usually called as ‘'black liquor’') of pulp manufacturing
industry every day.

Therefore, it does not emit Co2 that causes the climate change and it is the wood material to return to the nature by decay after using.
(i.e. natural recycling material)
However, natural lignin can not be used as plastics because it is burned easily, is happened smoky, is not mixed other plastics and is also
weak for hardness.
EcoPlas is made of lignin, but it is quite different from lignin. EcoPlas can melt at elevated temperatures. It can be re-shaped in molding processing.
It can be mixed with the commodity polymers or engineering plastics. Such polymer processes as extrusion, injection molding,
foaming, etc. can be used for EcoPlas.

EcoPlas will dramatically reduce the amount of CO2 emission of your products in the market. It will transform your products as an environment-friendly carbon-zero products.

We could save the earth from the global warming.

EcoPlas wants to replace the material revolution by the petroleum-based plastics with you.

EcoPlas® is composed of lignin, which is 100% Biomass & 100% Biodegradable.

Lignin is the structural composition of wood. Lignin is completely degraded with CO and H O by rot fungus.

Reaction 1
  • · Degradation by White rot fungus
Reaction 2, 3
  • · Degradation by Brown rot fungus

  • An example of a possible lignin structure

  • Lignin Biodegradation Mechanism
    - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences(PNAS),
    September 2, 2008, Vol. 105, No. 35
EcoPlas : Biodegradable Eco-friendly Thermoplastics

100% biodegradable thermoplastics based on 100% biomass Lignin

Grade Application Resin
EcoPlas - A ABS
EcoPlas –O Olefin Resin(PP, PE, etc.)
EcoPlas –V PVC
EcoPlas –E Engineering Plastics(PC, Nylon, PET, PBT, etc.)
EcoPlas –S Thermoset Plastics
EcoPlas - B Biodegradable Plastics

  • Powder

  • Pellet

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