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Slim designed speaker
The only slim speaker to down the width under 15mm included enclosure. Ultra Slim.

Patent: Domestic 16 cases, USA 7 cases, China 6 cases, Japan 2 cases

Slim Speaker
General Speaker(P-Type Speaker structure) → Disadvantage Slim magnetic circuit efficiency

  • Slimness limitation of general
    speaker structure

  • Difficult operation under 15mm short side(4.4mm general request)
Magnet Air gap Max Force efficiency
1175 x 2 EA (2350cc) 1.2 6.68 100%
587.5 x 4 EA (2350cc) 1.2 5.32 80%
Slim Speaker(Audycomm)
Audycomm Speaker(F-Type Speaker structure) → Advantage Slim structure

General structure contrast with Air Gap 1.1mm (Down 4 times)

  • Audycomm Speaker general operation principle

  • Magnetic circuit structure

  • Voice PCB
Audycomm Speaker Differentiation
Speaker Parts, Manufacturing method commoditization → magnetic circuit differentiation

  • Continuous magnetic circuit improvement → Force up
    (Down Magnet volume, Air Gap, Plate and Coil Array and etc)

  • Voice PCB Differentiation
    (Multi-layer, PCB Pattern, DCR, Connection Method Process and etc.)

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