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Gas Doctor is the pressure compensator to calibrate city gas amount by standard temperature&pressure(0℃, 101.3kPa) to attach the city gas metre that supplies low pressure.

Gas Doctor is the exclusive city gas metre that is charged the city gas fee despite of users' different city gas metre installation and service environment(temperature, pressure, outdoor exposure, sea level altitude)

The reality of city gas supply
  • KOGAS(Korea Gas Corporation) supplies gas by 0℃, 1kPa condition to city gas suppliers.
  • Gas must supply by 0℃, 1kPa to the housing because of expanding 0.37% volume if the temperature is 1℃ up.
  • However, you need the pressure compensator to calibrate the temperature and pressure by 0℃, 1kPa because gas can't be supplied to keep as 0℃, 1kPa.
Sell gas by 0℃, 1kPa
  • Sell gas by 0℃, 1kPa when supplies from KOGAS(Korea Gas Corporation) to city gas suppliers
  • Sell gas by 0℃, 1kPa when supplies same as city gas suppliers to customers
Expand 0.37% volume
  • Expand 0.37% volume if the temperature is 1℃ up according to Boyle-Charles's law
Overpay gas charge more than used amount
  • City gas users actually should pay the gas fee more than used amount because gas volume is expanded according to increasing temperature that it is measured at the ordinary temperature.
Product Type
  • Daehong Technew Gas Doctor pressure compensator can apply according to city gas purpose and standard & capacity of gas metre. (Chart 1. Refer to Chart 1 Gas Metre Application Standard)
  • Daehong Technew Gas Doctor pressure compensator can apply in the various range according to the measuring range of temperature & pressure and pulse flux of gas metre. (Chart 2. Refer to Application Range)
Gas Metre Standard Gas Metre Max Flux(Qmax)
G 6 10 m3/hr.
G 10 16 m3/hr.
G 16 25 m3/hr.
G 25 40 m3/hr.
G 40 60 m3/hr.
G 65 100 m3/hr.

Chart 1 Gas Metre Application Standard

Section Range
Reference Condition 0℃, 1013mbar
Measuring Temperature Range -20℃ ~ 50℃
Measuring Pressure Range 90kPa ~ 107kPa
Measuring Pulse Flux 1.0㎥ 이하
Workable Temperature -25℃ ~ 55℃
Humidity 10RH% ~ 93RH%
Sea Level Altitude 해발 1000m

Chart 2 Application Range

Gas Doctor pressure compensator structure
Pressure Compensator Installation Applicable Act

Article 21 (Ensuring Appropriateness in Measurement of Amount of Gas Supply)

  • Any general urban gas business entity shall take measures to ensure appropriateness in measuring the amount of gas supply as prescribed by Presidential Decree, such as applying a correction factor, to correct measurement errors in the amount of gas supply that may occur due to difference, etc. in the temperature and pressure when urban gas is supplied. (Amended by Act No. 9533, Mar. 25, 2009)
Enforcement Decree of URBAN GAS BUSINESS ACT

Article 11(Act propriety secure of gas supply measure)

  • -[INDUSTRIAL STANDARDIZATION ACT] Follow the law according to Article 15 (Certification of Products)
  • -「[MEASURES ACT] Manufacture to follow an approval on model of Article 12-1 of and inspect Article 20 at the same act
Acquire the only domestic patent and KS certificate
Product Certificate & Patent
  • Patent No.: 10-0811239 - Temperature-pressure error compensation apparatus for volume-measuring type gas meter having automatic meter reading function
  • Patent No.: 10-1433785 - Method and system for providing combined error-correction based auto meter reading service and safety-related service

  • KS Certificate No.: KTC 16-0386

  • Patent Register No.: 10-0811239

  • Patent Register No.: 10-1433785

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