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Booga Ventures is an "Entrepreneur FOR ENTREPRENEURS".

Raising venture funding without solid customers, revenue and profitability is difficult and can be a sizable distraction. We understand that entrepreneurs cannot afford to lose focus or waste valuable time.

Founded in 2009, Booga Ventures is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California with its main offices in San Mateo. To foster open communications and collaboration, Booga Ventures offers additional short-term office space to its portfolio entrepreneurs who require a focused business environment.

Booga Ventures is a global private angel investment, advisory and mentoring firm of entrepreneurs dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs build successful start-up companies, accelerate revenue growth and enhance valuation for subsequent rounds of funding by addressing critical business needs.

Unlike traditional venture capital firms, Booga Ventures identifies and bridges key gaps that enable our entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential and sharing the high risk on the road.

Our unique approach focuses not only on financial capital, but on post-investment activities to assist companies at various stages of development to increase revenue growth, build optimal supply chain networks to reduce costs and streamline business operations.

We believe our global sales channel experience, particularly in the APAC region and in the Americas, significantly helps our portfolio companies gain access to additional regions, to grow in those markets, and to accelerate their path towards profitability.

Investment Companies
  • AirMule Sell your luggage space. Ship with people not boxes. (Los Angeles, USA)
  • ChartMetric New Way to Analyze Music Performance. (Palo Alto, USA)
  • DLTO Atom launcher and contents producing, publishing based on entertainment contents. (Seoul, Korea)
  • Gaia Corp Organic waste recycling systems for processing and diverting food scraps and other organic waste streams
    from landfills, and converting waste into reusable resources. (Daejeon, Korea)
  • LiquidText Minority Report meets Evernote for Reading (New York, USA)
  • MultiBeam Leading electron-beam technology innovator that is developing multicolumn e-beam systems.
    (Santa Clara, USA)
  • OnDemandKorea Premium Korean contents publisher for Americas. All K-drama and movies are here. (Fullerton, USA)
  • Streem (Greply) Cloud streaming solution for videos. Acquired by Box. (Redwood City, USA)
  • TalkWheel A social and community platform that optimized online interaction. Acquired by Clickable.
    (San Francisco, USA)
  • ZeroDesktop Innovative end-to-end computing solution for our next generation. (San Mateo, USA)

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