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DH EnE is established in 2004 and has been producing automatic machinery.

We produce install provide A/S on mechanical components and equipments using for semiconductor/LCD industry as an automatic precision instrument specialist and also have accumulated various experiences in mechanical field.

We have changed the company name from Technew Precision Corp. to DH Energy and Environment and expanded the business not only automatic instrument but also photovoltaic business which is called a next generation energy business.

TFT Class Conveyor System

It is TFT LCD module assembly line's Gross Test Unloader, OLB Loader and Auto Clave Unloader module assembly. It is a physical distribution system that convey in and out a panel to the module assembly process equipment.

TFT LCD Module in-Line Conveyor Stystem

It is a system to make possible transfer various productions; convey courses and transfer the direction to a cell product and LCD discs in each inch between processes. It offsets static electricity with using electrification prevent processed part.

POD & Foup Stocker

It is an autosave functioning device that stores; transports POD and FOUP which is compatible with mini environment. It consists of centre transfer robot; each transferring parts that functions loading/unloading; shell frame that makes the carrier safety arrival.


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